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Laurin is a wife, mom, and the founding attorney of Laurin Hamilton Law. She began practicing law in 2006 representing corporations and litigating high stake cases at a large regional law firm. But she always longed to do what actually led me to law school, which is to help people.


So she left her big law firm and was determined that divorce cases would be done differently in her new smaller practice. She wanted a softer, more empathic feel to her practice and she wanted every aspect of her business to portray that.


When she hired us to create the new website she had a specific idea of what she wanted the look and feel to be. After numerous discussions on the topic, was born.


She wanted the site to function as a place to provide resources and accept inquiries. She always wanted it to express who she was so that people felt comfortable with who they were hiring during such a stressful time in their lives.


Laurin was concerned about search engine optimization due to the fact her local market is saturated with family law attorneys. Making sure we utilized the best keywords throughout the site was vital to her google ranking.


Just like her practice, her site is beautiful yet technically functional.

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Laurin started this practice to give her more time to be sōSHəl. She wanted to go to those Christmas programs for her girls, take an afternoon ride in the boat, and take a spontaneous trip to the beach with her family.


Now she can do those things. She has systems in place to allow her time away from her business and her site runs 24/7 with the capability to provide information to potential clients and take inquiries while she has her toes in the sand.


She can be sōSHəl joining an after-hours networking meeting, having drinks with the girls, or taking a long weekend away with no worries of her business skipping a beat.

Laurin Hamilton
Laurin Hamilton Law
The Soshel Company did a great job on my website, branding and marketing materials. My firm offers divorce and family law clients legal representation with an empathetic, feminine touch. I knew I wanted a website and marketing materials that accurately reflects my firm’s branding as well as my commitment to helping clients divorcee better, not bitter. Emily really listened and then dug in to understand both my proactive philosophy and personal style preference. Emily provided honest feedback, helped me hone in on my unique value for clients, offered fresh ideas, then brought my vision to life.