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Not only do websites need to be ascetically pleasing but they need to be functional as well. Some sites warrant more functionality than others.


That is the case for High Cotton Realty. Skip is a land broker that needed a site that had certain functionality. He wanted certain search and filter abilities and he needed to be able to update the site with new properties as he listed them.


Skip is a busy guy with a growing land brokerage business and a family that he wanted to spend as much time with as possible. So he didn’t need to become a webmaster, he needed to be able to quickly and easily update his property listing.


We built an interface for Skip and Kate (his wife and right-hand woman) that allows either one of them to add a listing or make updates to existing listings. And they can add pictures right from their phone!


The real beauty of this website is the behind the scenes functionality that makes it a winner in Skip and Kate’s eyes.

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Skip and Kate make a great team. They were a dynamic duo working off each other’s strengths. It was amazing watching them run a business, manage Kate’s teaching career, raise two children and invest in their marriage.


One thing is for sure, these two spend their weekends living the sōSHəl life. Whether it’s little league baseball games, hunting, or a weekend away, they know how to play and enjoy their family.

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High Cotton Realty
Chris made it easy for us to be able to add and change properties without having to figure out all the “back end” details of the website. He is always available to help when Kate or I have questions. Our new site has the search filters our old site was missing. It is easier now for clients to find the right property.