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Amy Marble has been traveling most of her life and had always enjoyed planning the trip as going on the trip. From an early age, she enjoyed traveling with her parents, then her husband Barry, and the entire family when her son, Will came along.


Amy had worked as a speech pathologist for twenty years, but always knew she wanted to live her passion – travel. She knew how to research, plan and budget, but she had no idea how to even get started on branding and marketing her business.


She gave us full creative license to take the information that she had shared in our discovery meetings and create an entire branding strategy, complete with logo, social media strategy, and design, a website, and marketing material for Blue Marble Travel.


It was an absolute joy to bring her dream, passion, and vision to life so she can focus on what she does best – fulfilling dreams for her own clients.

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It brings us great joy to see Amy living out her dream of turning her passion into a lucrative business.


She sends her life being sōSHəl now. She travels more herself (for the sake of research of course) and she gets to help make other people’s lives more sōSHəl. How amazing is that?


Amy has been all over the world and it doesn’t matter if she’s at Disney, the Eiffel Tower, a cafe’ in Venice, on a cruise to Alaska visiting a Christmas market in Germany, or just enjoying a weekend at the lake, her business is always with her. It is always working even when she isn’t.

Amy Marble
Blue Marble Travel, LLC
Chris and Emily Hunt are simply amazing. They guided me through the process of creating a media presence for my company. Their creative minds added that personal touch to every facet of my company’s brand. The final product is extraordinary and I know my consumers will be as impressed as I am with the design. They both excelled at customer service and quality. I highly recommend them for any business needs. You will not regret the decision!