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When we first met Amanda Chine, MandaBees was a mess. Well, for the most part. Amanda had the most amazing story that we knew we wanted to be a small part of.


It was her whirlwind start that caused Amanda to run a little off the tracks when it came to the business side. By the time we got involved, she had a Shopify site that had over 600 products on it and looked much like the headband closet in her shop – very unorganized.


But, she never stopped working alongside of us to straighten things up (both digitally and physically).


The first step was inventory control. Together we worked to decide what designs would go, what would become a signature style, and what could be put on sale. Then all the products were better categorized, creating a much easier catalog of inventory for the buyer to navigate.


Filter and search features were added to the site and a new design was created that now matched the uniquely special brand of MandaBees. Oh, this was so much more than a website, it was a labor of love for a new mom that had created an amazing product that other women needed to see.

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By filling her own personal need for the perfect headband, MandaBees was born, sheerly by accident.  With her friend’s sewing machine and grandma’s help, she began to start a business without even realizing it.


Amanda is the definition of sōSHəl. She lives what she does. It is her authentic self. She lives the sōSHəl lifestyle through her connections, her love for all things yoga, her brand, and her business. Take a look.


Now Amanda has a beautiful new studio to sew, create, and of course – yoga!  We couldn’t be more proud of her and how she turned a few scraps of fabric into a thriving business.

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Amanda Chine
Manda Bees
I came to Emily looking to add some organization to my chaotic website. What I got was SO MUCH MORE than a redesigned website. She helped me identify every aspect of my website that needed work, and worked with me to improve each from the ground up. Products were renamed, descriptions were rewritten, categories were condensed, photos were re-shot. They helped me identify what needed to go, and what we need to highlight and promote. I knew nothing about and SEO, but Emily not only fixed our website’s SEO disaster, but she also taught me what I need to know to do it myself in the future. Emily was available at all hours of the day, and if I had an issue she was available almost immediately to help. I feel that while I was looking for a web redesign, what I received was a lesson in running my own business, a complete assessment of every aspect of our online sales channel… and a REALLY amazing, absolutely gorgeous, user friendly website. I cannot thank The Soshel Company enough for what they’ve done for my website and for my business as a whole!