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Matt and Megan Shields started their Facebook ad business at the height of the pandemic. Both working in corporate America for over 10 years, they knew they needed a change. And they knew they needed us to create the perfect branding and website design.


Ironically enough, after seeing a Facebook ad for a “How to Start a Social Media Ad Business” they dove in head first.  Megan knew early on that she needed help bringing her brand vision to life.


Therefore, we began working with them to build a branding and website design as well as their social media strategy. It was important that the design hit their brand identity (a brand that needed to match both Matt and Megan).


We created a design that was professional yet allowed them to be themselves; to show their own unique personalities. The website was built on a platform that allows Matt or Megan to make updates themselves as needed, due to everchanging offers and industry advancements.


Their newly designed, dynamic website works for them as new clients come on board. Chime House Media works primarily with coaches and course creators to help them obtain their goals and grow their reach through Facebook ads.

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Matt and Megan have worked to create a successful business. They had a vision.


A vision and brand that would allow them to live sōSHəl.


Chime House Media is a thriving online business that can be run from anywhere in the world. And anywhere is where Matt and Megan may be.


You never know if they are in the mountains or at the beach because they can take their business with them anywhere.


They can now live sōSHəl as they travel to see family or spend a week in Key West with friends.


As they play, works.

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Matt & Megan Sheilds
Chime House Media
Emily did such a great job with the branding of our business. She took the time to see my vision and convey that vision in our social media. She also took the time to make sure I understood how to implement it correctly so that it would be most effective for our business. I’d highly recommend Chris and Emily for any business!